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Red Wines



Romania numbers among the few countries in the world that benefits of such favorable conditions for vine growing and wine making, excepting perhaps only France, which can produce such a great variety of wines. The red wines of Romania has always offered some of the most exciting and interesting wines in the world.

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Lacrima lui Ovidiu red 5 years
New stock is available in Australia   5 years Old Award Winner:  Gold Medal - Berlin Wine Show 2012, 2011     Silver Medal - Vinales Internationales France, 2012     A crimson-red licorous with a discrete currant and bilberry taste, sweet but at the same time strong. Kept in small oak barrels for 5 years, it preserves the full body ..
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Arezan  Cabernet Sauvignon
  An exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon obtained from specially selected grapes, made into wine by traditional methods, in small-capacity containers. The wine obtained this way is intensely coloured, it has the rich flavour specific to this variety, a balanced tannin content and pleasant, slightly bitter acidity, giving it remarkable roundness and a variety feel. The net corpulent Cabe..
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3 Hectares Feteascã Neagrã (Black Maiden)
Blue Gold Award at Sydney International Wine Competition 2015   Deep, profound, with a strong red colour, like the ruby that gives value to the old family jewellery, this ruby-coloured gem, of such an impressive flavour, blends the fresh fruit scents with the distinguished redolence of the oak barrels. Its refined taste is enriched by light tannins perfectly mixed with the ripe fru..
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Arezan  Feteasca Neagra
    A spiced wine, live and persistent. The color is deep red, purple. We find aromas of berries, ripe raspberry and cherry character plus delicate white pepper, cloves and marzipan. Taste, we encounter the same red fruit freshness and tannins supple and perfectly integrated into their softness suave notes of vanilla extracts stejar.Potential wood aging: the youth and exuberan..
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Sable Noble  Feteascã Neagrã  Black Maiden blend
  This wine is a novelty and should be regarded as a beginning. It was built with patience and represents the first red wine produced by Razvan Macici Cellar Workshop. I kept respect for the terroir and quality characteristics Noble Collection Sable but I tried to come up with a fresh style, modern, contemporary. It is a wine that combines the best of the three partners blended. Berrie..
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Leat 6500 The Origin
    Inspiration for over 2,000 years. Perhaps that's why today manages to harmonize with the sacred craft, innovation and tradition.  Leat 6500 collection passes through local custom filter notorious wine varieties from around the world. E collection in which past meets the present to make a step forward.   The colour is deep red, purple, with h..
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Arezan  Bãbeascã Neagrã
  tasting Notes | The color is of a bright red, attractive and shiny brick that sits well and promises the complexity of maturity. The wine is fresh and generous with intense aromas of sweet, sweet berries, baked blackberries, cherries and white pepper. Gustative, find the persistence of red fruits and the flavor of warm spices, beautifully balanced by the tanne..
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Prahova Valley Feteascã Neagrã (Black Maiden)
  With a 17 years of tradition on the Romanian market, the Prahova Valley wine range now has a new visual identity, built around the elements of nature that dene the essence of the brand: sun, sky, rivers and mountains. If you miss the beauty of the local landscapes, the moments of peace and relaxation in the company of loved ones, Prahova Valley brings them closer through its cla..
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Vicina Castelo Cabernet Sauvignon
    The Vicina Fortress was a Genovese colony on the Lower Danube, a sunny land famous for its wines.   . Serving temperature: 16-18 C degrees      Varietal Cabernet Sauvignon    Brand Murfatlar    Style Dry Red ..
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Princiar Feteascã Neagrã (Black Maiden)
The wine of Princiar is the most honest expression of the Romanian grape varietals located in the best geographical area of Romania for red wines. The Princiar bring notes of joy and pleasure in the glass through or floral aromas, through corpulence or freshness. This wine is a noble wine, born from the ingenuity of Tohani's winemakers and sommeliers&..
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