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Rose Wines

All roses are from 2016 & 2017, since we mostly recommended roses only when are young.


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NEC Plus Ultra Rose
    Nothing further beyond!, the Latin expression Nec Plus Ultra was used as a warning to the sailors and navigators entering the Straits Of Gibraltar to go no further because they've reach the end of the world, in our days it is used to mark a state of the art achievement, something that can not be surpassed. By carefully choosing the terroir that suits each type of vine ..
Ex Tax: AU$9.10
Busuioaca de Bohotin
    The wine has a pale rose colour, discreet, bright and sharp, you're greeted with a discreet nose, fine aromas reminiscent of strawberries and forest frăguţelor. Olfactory flavours are lost beautiful bright summer fruit flavour backed by a medium acidity corresponding to a relatively short post-taste. It's a great wine, a classic Bohotin Busuioacă, but "sisters" t..
Ex Tax: AU$14.50
Princiar Rose
The wine of Princiar is the most honest expression of the Romanian grape varietals located in the best geographical area of Romania for red wines. The Princiar bring notes of joy and pleasure in the glass through or floral aromas, through corpulence or freshness. This wine is a noble wine, born from the ingenuity of Tohani's winemakers and sommeliers&..
Ex Tax: AU$22.00