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Grigorescu – Gewurztraminer
A very sophisticated wine, with a strong personality, unctuous, having an exquisite elegance, the golden yellow color gives it distinction, weight and noblesse and the taste mixture of roses and spices bring fulfillment. The historical cargo, the purity and the simplicity of the paintings of Nicolae Grigorescu, the Romanian painter representative of the Romanian art, reign over the Jidvei wine ..
Ex Tax: AU$16.50
Castel – Gewurztraminer
  The collection of wines from the special reserves of Jidvei reveals a charming treasure, a priceless work which is silently, mysteriosly, accomplished by Time, in the cellars of the old medieval castle from Cetatea de Balta: Castel Jidvei. For the preparation of these wines,  the best grapes of exceptional quality vintages are selected and processed by means of pneumatic presses..
Ex Tax: AU$18.50