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Sauvignon blanc


This variety traces its origins in the west of France on the Loire Valley and in the Bordeaux region, drawing its name from the French word sauvage (wild/ raw).
The skin of the grapes has a green hue, is very ressitent to heat and has a very fast growth rate. The quality of the grape depends mainly on its postioning in the vineyard, the variety does not store a lot of sugar that is why it is recommended that the production be limited to 7 tons/ hectare.
Same as for the Traminer and Pinot Gris, the maceration process of this variety must last a short period of time, no more than 6 hours, while the maturation process can last up to at least 6 months – a welcome pause, that enhances the aromas and the specific quality, the aromas get richer as the wine matures.
This variety gives birth to dry or demidry wines , full-bodied wine, with a smooth boquet.


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NEC                     Sauvignon Blanc   Nothing further beyond!, the Latin expression Nec Plus Ultra was used as a warning to the sailors and navigators entering the Straits Of Gibraltar to go no further because they've reach the end of the world, in our days it is used to mark a state of the art achievement, something that can not be surpassed. By carefully choosing the..
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