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Born in Burgundy, from the crossbreeding of an old variety called Gouais Blanc with a sort of Pinot, this is a delicate variety, with thin skinned grapes, very fragile and vulnerable to climate change, hard to seed and grow.
This variety is a true cameleon of aromas, the Chardonnay wines reflect in their personality, the wine maker's talent and the natural features of the vineyard, they are usually dry with a subtle note/aroma of citrus and apple.
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NEC Plus Ultra Chardonnay
    Nothing further beyond!, the Latin expression Nec Plus Ultra was used as a warning to the sailors and navigators entering the Straits Of Gibraltar to go no further because they've reach the end of the world, in our days it is used to mark a state of the art achievement, something that can not be surpassed. By carefully choosing the terroir that suits each type of vine ..
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Late Harvest Chardonnay    Ferma Noua
 The wines are semi-dry or even sweet. All of them combine deliciously fruity sweetness, making them a good companion to friends and good partners for oriental foods and veggies. Sparkling wines: Semi-sweet or sweet and deliciously fruity. Ideal for socializing, shopping or dessert, as well as lightly spicy food.   characterization: Sweet, slightly aci..
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