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Fortified Dessert


Dessert wines and fortified wines aren’t mainstream beverages that you want to drink every day. Some dessert and fortified wines are much higher in alcohol than regular wines, and some of them are extremely sweet (and rare and expensive!). They're the wine equivalent of really good candy.

Many wines enjoyed before dinner, as apéritif wines, or after dinner, as dessert wines, fall into the category of fortified wines (called liqueur wines by the European Union, or EU). Fortified wines all have alcohol added to them at some point in their production, giving them an alcohol content that ranges from 16 to 24 percent.

The point at which alcohol is added determines whether the wines are naturally sweet.



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Lacrima lui Ovidiu 12 year
The actual Government tax regulations and the local business environment in Romania doesn't allow the winemaker to produce Lacrima lui Ovidiu 12years on commercial quantities, for an uncertain period. The actual stock of Lacrima Lui Ovidiu 12 years from Australia is only the one left worldwide.    Award Winner:  Gold Medal - Berlin Wine Show 2012, 2011 ..
Ex Tax: AU$60.00
Based on 3 reviews.
Lacrima lui Ovidiu red 5 years
New stock is available in Australia   5 years Old Award Winner:  Gold Medal - Berlin Wine Show 2012, 2011     Silver Medal - Vinales Internationales France, 2012     A crimson-red licorous with a discrete currant and bilberry taste, sweet but at the same time strong. Kept in small oak barrels for 5 years, it preserves the full body ..
Ex Tax: AU$23.10
Based on 1 reviews.
Lacrima lui Ovidiu  white 5 year
New stock is available in Australia.   Award Winner:  Gold Medal - Berlin Wine Show 2012, 2011     Silver Medal - Vinales Internationales France, 2012     The golden yellow highlights a unique blend this most excellent wines produced. The depth of color and rich flavor from arising the storage of wine for 5 years in small Oak barrels. T..
Ex Tax: AU$24.50
Based on 2 reviews.