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Grasa de Cotnari
    With a greenish colour when young, until golden yellowish to maturation, an autumn like vineyards leaves colour, tasting like walnut kernel, raisins and almond, Grasa de Cotnari wine is unique in all Romanian and foreign wines. Optimum in combination with refined desserts.  With its bloody temper nature An Arabian stallion Grasa is Carries strong yet gentle p..
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Arezan Cramposie
  Cramposie (100%). With a name that comes from Dacian ritualsa Romanian ancient variety found place in the Murfatlar vineyards. DOC-CMD MURFATLAR Color is green with slight golden hue. The flavors are fsmooth and sprightly, reminding us of pollen vines, wild flower, green apple and freshly mowing hay. Taste wine attracts the suppleness, freshness to but also by fine ..
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Late Harvest Chardonnay    Ferma Noua
 The wines are semi-dry or even sweet. All of them combine deliciously fruity sweetness, making them a good companion to friends and good partners for oriental foods and veggies. Sparkling wines: Semi-sweet or sweet and deliciously fruity. Ideal for socializing, shopping or dessert, as well as lightly spicy food.   characterization: Sweet, slightly aci..
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Tãmaioasã Romaneascã
    Tamaioasa Romaneasca is a high class wine, fully flavoured, with an unreachable aroma. The perfume combines basil flavour and mowed hay in the sun. Generous, refreshing, vitalizing, full of sap and body, has the full aroma of pears and strawberries and a high class taste. The letter says from ancient times That you have pleased so many Laughter and tears gathered ..
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Feteascã Albã
    Feteasca Albã is the wine that conquers you by its yellow colour with greenish touches that becomes golden-yellowish by maturation and vintage as well as through soft fruity aroma. Unforgettable by the flavours great complexity, this suggests the perfume of a bloomed vineyard. Gorgeous, with an unmistakable aroma typical to ripped grapes, Feteasca has a specific flav..
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Busuioaca de Bohotin
    The wine has a pale rose colour, discreet, bright and sharp, you're greeted with a discreet nose, fine aromas reminiscent of strawberries and forest frăguţelor. Olfactory flavours are lost beautiful bright summer fruit flavour backed by a medium acidity corresponding to a relatively short post-taste. It's a great wine, a classic Bohotin Busuioacă, but "sisters..
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