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Castel – Gewurztraminer
  The collection of wines from the special reserves of Jidvei reveals a charming treasure, a priceless work which is silently, mysteriosly, accomplished by Time, in the cellars of the old medieval castle from Cetatea de Balta: Castel Jidvei. For the preparation of these wines,  the best grapes of exceptional quality vintages are selected and processed by means of pneumatic presses..
Ex Tax: AU$18.50
Tezaur – Traminer
  Bodily and generous, pleasant and lovely, it creates the sensation of a peerless bouquet of roses and jasmine. For its organoleptic attributes, Traminer Tezaur is considered the most sublime semi-aromatic wine from Tarnave   As Tezaur was highly valued by the consumers, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, and Traminer were added to the range, wines made from carefully selected gr..
Ex Tax: AU$16.50
Traditional  – Traminer   Traditional range, launched 40 years ago, includes two Romanian native varieties, Feteasca Regala and Feteasca Alba; a representative variety vineyard Traminer Roz, and a variety that gives dry wines "long haul", Italian Riesling, the latter being the traditional emblems of Târnave Vineyard.   After aging, when its very comp..
Ex Tax: AU$11.50